Godsil Manhattan Unveiling

The Godsil Manhattan, powered by a natural gas V16 engine, was unveiled for the first time!

Godsil Manhattan Unveiling

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Prototype V16

We are making images of the prototype V16 public today. The natural gas revolution has begun!

our vision

Some time ago we knew what pride in auto manufacturing was. We understood that the things that we did, the things that we offered, and the things that we produced said something about us – as a people, as a community, as a country.

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Prototype V16 Parts Break Cover!

Today we released images of the prototype V16 heads and valve covers. Stay tuned for more of this exciting project.

V16 Image Released

This is the first time we have released any images of the upcoming Godsil V16 engine that will be used in all of our upcoming vehicles. More images will be released to the public in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

Manhattan Trademark Approved

After a long process we have finally received the confirmation we have been waiting on. The US Trademark office granted us ownership of the name "MANHATTAN" to be used in automotive manufacturing. This is truely the most patriotic automotive company!

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Natural Gas

The USA is has the fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world, with 304 trillion cubic feet. The USA could be energy independant in the near future, with a smart plan utilizing US produced oil, natural gas and coal.

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About Us

Godsil Motorcars is a start-up company that has set out to design and build the very best Grand Touring car, the world has ever seen using American design themes and powered by an American designed and built natural gas V16 engine. Jason Godsil designed the magnificent Manhattan, with American heritage in mind, to rival the best vehicles the world has to offer.

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The V16 is arguably the most coveted engine in the automovite world. In production from 1930-1940, most people have never even seen one. The engine has been used in a few race cars and prototype cars around the world but only the American car companies of Cadillac and Marmon actually used it for a production engine.

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Team Members

Since Jason Godsil was able to walk, he was working on cars with his dad. Having restored many cars over his lifetime, there isn't much Jason hasn't done. Engine rebuilds, suspension, body work and paint and interior work is all areas that he has worked in to get the cars restored.

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