Godsil Motorcars is a start-up company that has set out to design and build the very best Grand Touring car, the world has ever seen using American design themes and powered by an American designed and built natural gas V16 engine. Jason Godsil designed the magnificent Manhattan, with American heritage in mind, to rival the best vehicles the world has to offer.

2010 - Jason Godsil sketches out a design that would spur an idea to create a new car company
2011 - A 2-door coupe design was created that would morph into the Manhattan
2011 - Research was done on building the Manhattan as an electric car
2012 - Jason Godsil decided to follow his passion by creating the Manhattan as a high-end V16 superluxury car
2013 - Jason Godsil flies to Panoz Auto Development and a partnership develops
2013 - 1/5 scale clay model of the Manhattan is created along with the idea of using a V16 powered by natural gas
2014 - A great team of designers and companies were brought together to build a great car to rival Rolls Royce and Bugatti
2015 - The V16 prototype engine starts to be developed

A note from our founder

Being born in the mid-1970's has been a blessing and a curse. Things like the internet and computers have definitely made things easier but as good as those are our government's policies have made this a very bad generation to be in.

My generation is definitely the "bridge" generation. The previous generation was more "family" oriented and a middle class living was not hard to experience at all. All you needed was a high school education, show up on time for work and many manufacturing jobs would pay you a middle class wage. In the town where I grew up, the local factory would be standing there on graduation day handing you a good paying job if you wanted it. This even allowed just one person in the house to work while allowing the whole household to experience a middle class lifestyle. The slogan during that time was "Buy American".

During the '80's and '90's a global economy was well underway. Due to corporate greed and government regulation, it was just easier to manufacture overseas and then sell products to the American consumer. It then became harder and harder to live in the middle class without a college degree under your belt. Two people in the household now had to work and they never seemed to "get ahead".

Today, things are completely different than when I was a kid. It's not "cool" to be patriotic and if you think America is great or number 1, you are a nationalist. If you are wealthy or trying to be, you are looked down upon. In the world of social media it is cool to brag about how bad you have it or to trash on some celebrity you've never met. It is almost a "race to the bottom" society now. People are so wrapped up in a video game or a social media account that there is no time to make themselves better in the marketplace. That's "uncool" anyway.

This needs to stop if we want to continue as a successful nation. There is not other nation like America, past or present. American ingenuity and freedom has allowed companies like Apple, Microsoft, GM, GE etc to totally change the way we interact and live as a species. Those companies wouldn't have been created in any other country in the world.

I have read in books that when Ferrari is out testing a prototype on the streets of Italy the countrymen are waving, giving a "thumbs up" or waving a Ferrari flag. This is from people that can't afford to buy a Ferrari but they are proud, that one of the most coveted auto brands in the world, is made in their country. On Saturday, I was driving my Dodge Viper and a guy driving towards me honked and flipped me off. This was for no other reason other than I was driving a Viper and he wasn't. This is wrong and it definitely isn't the first time it has happened. As a country we need to cheer on the people that are getting us ahead as a nation and help those who are trying to reach that level as well.

I am not an economist, but the way I see it, there are only two ways a country creates wealth. It either sells it's natural resources or it manufactures and exports goods. In the 21st century we have regulated manufacturing out of the country and we are blocking any use whatsoever of our natural resources. Selling mortgages or the latest app to a fellow citizen does not create wealth. It may shift money from one person to the next but it does nothing for our national debt. As a nation, we are not in a good position when Facebook or Google is more valuable than GM or Ford. These are all fine companies but in order to create wealth for the country, money has to flow into the country from other parts of the world.

I want to build Godsil Motorcars into a company that Americans can be proud of. A car that rivals that of Rolls Royce and Bugatti and to be the pinnacle of car design like American cars used to be. I want to build a car that inspires the country to start buying American again, to demand that we start manufacturing in America again and to make it cool to be patriotic again! We need to start using a variety of energy sources such as natural gas, electric and whatever it is that can get us out of all the drama that the Eastern Hemisphere has waiting for us. I want to build a brand that brings everyone together. Maybe not everyone can afford our products but everyone can be proud of our brand because it is made in America!