Prototype V16 Parts Break Cover!

We released images today of the prototype heads and valve covers. The natural gas revolution has begun!

V16 Image Released

This is the first time we have released any images of the upcoming Godsil V16 engine that will be used in all of our upcoming vehicles. More images will be released to the public in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

Manhattan Trademark Approved

After a long process we have finally received the confirmation we have been waiting on. The US Trademark office granted us ownership of the name "MANHATTAN" to be used in automotive manufacturing. This is truly the most patriotic automotive company!

Prototype Engine Development Underway!

We are moving forward in building our prototype V16. This aluminum V16 will be in the neighborhood of 800ci (13.1 liters) and will be used in the Manhattan prototype that we will debut. The engine will most likely go through many changes before it goes into production. Stay tuned for articles of our progress!