Jason Godsil

Founder | CEO

Since Jason Godsil was able to walk, he was working on cars with his dad. Having restored many cars over his lifetime, there isn't much Jason hasn't done. Engine rebuilds, suspension, body work and paint and interior work is all areas that he has worked in to get the cars restored.

From 1997-2005 Jason worked in manufacturing as a labor employee. In 2002, Jason started an online car parts company and in 2006 it morphed into Exotica Motorsports which just caters to the very high-end market. Since Jason's passion is high dollar cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley, he thought it would be better to specialize in those cars. Having a lot of experience with the high-end market and clients will aide Jason in this venture.

Elite was created in 2007 as the manufacturing arm of Exotica Motorsports. Elite contracted out production of carbon fiber parts for Ferraris. Having a lot of issues with carbon fiber suppliers, Jason did the clear coating of the carbon fiber due to his past experience with painting cars. In 2009 he also attended a carbon fiber school in Reno to learn the process himself to bring the manufacturing in house. Also in 2009, Jason started on his Bachelor's Degree at the Art Institute of Portland, majoring in Industrial Design. He wanted to be able to design, manufacture and market products under one roof.

In 2010 he started a new path in life when he founded Godsil Motorcars. His vision is to create the greatest team in the industry to design and manufacture the best superluxury car in the world. The Manhattan was born that year to soon compete with the likes of Rolls Royce and Bugatti.

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Stephen Chue

Powertrain Design | Development

Stephen Chue is a leading expert in the development and design of racing engines for professional motorsports, along with natural gas powertrain and fuel systems for commercial and passenger vehicles, as well as industrial equipment.

He has led and supported championship-winning engine programs and award-winning designs including advanced technology R&D projects for the U.S. Department of Defense and automotive OEM. Stephen is in the process of establishing the first North American, all natural gas powered professional racing program, accelerating and creating a new standard for natural gas powertrain and fuel system technologies development. Through his innovative marketing and branding campaign, Stephen is creating awareness and educating the public concerning the utilization of natural gas as a safe, economical, clean, and domestically abundant fuel for transportation. In addition to his passion for developing cutting-edge technologies, Stephen is committed to identifying and mentoring young professionals focusing on careers in the fields of engineering, IT, business, and marketing.

Previously Stephen was the president and technical director of Katech where he was heavily involved in the performance and durability development of the Chevy IRL, Corvette C5R and C6R, as well as the Cadillac LMP and GT racing engines. Stephen has also worked on developing production engines for GM such as the Gen II ECOTEC, Cadillac LSA, and Corvette LS7 and LS9 engines. Most importantly for Godsil Motorcars, Stephen was instrumental in the engineering and development of the 1000 horsepower Cadillac XV16 engine which powered the Cadillac Sixteen concept car to win the Best Concept Award at the 2003 North American International Auto Show.

Peter Aylett

Design | Development

Peter Aylett brings a world-class career in automotive design for major British, German, American and Japanese OEM studios in Europe and America: Ford, Lotus, DeLorean, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Nissan and Mazda.

Peter began auto design at Ford in England, with exterior surface development of the Escort. He eventually left for Lotus, engineering the Turbo Esprit engine bay and louvered tailgate. His projects there also included the interior and exterior of the DeLorean DMC-12. Peter moved on to Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, where he worked on the 190 model. GM brought him to Detroit to develop the Buick Reatta and Cadillac DeVille, and then to their Advanced Concepts Center in California, where he helped design the Corvette Stingray III. His idea to use LEDs for tail lights on this vehicle was an industry first, as was a pop-up roll bar. Peter assisted Nissan Design in San Diego with their Cocoon show car, and then at Mazda R&D in Irvine he developed a GT concept with Mark Jordan that led to the RX-8.

During this varied career, Peter has worked with and learned from some of the biggest names in the industry. He has dealt with every stage of new car development programs, from a blank sheet of paper to the finished product on the road: planning, concept development, package, design, feasibility, seating buck, clay model, surface development, aerodynamics, prototype build and manufacturing. This extensive experience will help the Godsil Manhattan come to fruition and ensure it is in good hands going into production.


Prototype | Development

Aria's 60,000 square foot headquarters houses world-class machining, studios, equipment, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, fabrication, advanced composites, hard modeling, assembly, and painting facilities to provide an extremely efficient and fully secure production environment.

Aria is the prototype builder for many large car manufactures and production factiliy for smaller companies. Their past prototype builds have been the Kia Stinger, Hyundai Genesis, Lincoln C concept car, Ford GTR and many more prototypes were trusted to be built by Aria. Series production cars like the Singer Porsches and Devon supercars were done by Aria as well as cars for the Transformer movies. Aria is the premier leader in providing a full range of design, engineering, and manufacturing for the Transportation, Aerospace & Defense, Entertainment, and Series Production industries. Aria has nearly 20 years of expertise combining the latest advances in rapid manufacturing technology, with innovative design, and creative engineering to produce advanced and complex projects within industry leading budgets and timelines.

Aria has the staff, tools and talent to bring the Manhattan V16 from sketch and scale model to a fully functioning, running prototype to rival any prototype shown throughout the world. Aria will be building a seating buck so Godsil Motorcars can figure out the best ergonomics for the interior and 1/2 scale clay model to work out all the design elements of the body before building the full prototype. This will be a world class prototype, done just like the OE factories do it.

Panoz Auto Development

Chassis Development | Manufacturer

Panoz Auto Development was founded in 1989 by Dan Panoz. Their first car was a 1992 model, fully Federally Certified, developed & produced in-house. Panoz later founded the American Le Mans Series.

Panoz was one of the first independent car companies to start in a half century. The Panoz Roadster, Esperante, Abruzzi, GTS spec race cars and GT2 GTLM Esperante Le Mans winning cars were developed and produced at their production facility. The Roadster enjoyed a 8 year production run with 2 models being sold. The Esperante enjoyed a 6 year production run with 3 distinctly different models available. The street cars were fully certified by the US government and sold through dealers throughout the USA, Europe, Japan and Middle East Markets. Panoz have also conducted several engineering and certification programs for independent companies.

They are an expert at developing new chassis technology and low capital requirements for small volume production vehicles. Panoz conducts engineering and development including federal certification to production programs. They can also execute structural engineering and Body-in-White engineering. FEA production tooling and jig engineering, full prototyping and pilot and production build capability can all be done in house as well as carbon fiber production and tooling. Panoz will be supplying a newly developed chassis for the Godsil Manhattan as well as being the manufacturer for the Manhattan and subsequent models.