V16 Engine

The V16 is arguably the most coveted engine in the automotive world. In production from 1930-1940, most people have never even seen one. The engine has been used in a few race cars and prototype cars around the world but only the American car companies of Cadillac and Marmon actually used it for a production engine.

The American car company, Cadillac started developing the V16 in 1926 and Marmon in 1927. This was the first of its kind and was chosen for its smooth running characteristics in comparison with the engines available at that time. Unfortunately for Marmon, Cadillac hired some of their engineers and actually introduced the V16 in 1930, beating Marmon by one year. Cadillac produced the V16 from 1930-40. The Cadillac version was a 45° engine where the Marmon was also a 45° engine but manufactured in aluminum. Cadillac later changed the V16 to 135°.

Production Cars
  Years Produced Architecture Production Numbers Cost
Cadillac 1930-37 452CID (7.4L) 45° Approx. 3889 $6000+
Cadillac 1938-40 431CID (7.1L) 135° Approx. 514 $6000+
Marmon 1931-33 491CID (8.0L) 45° Approx. 400 $4925
Race Cars
  Years Produced Architecture Production Numbers Cost
Maserati Tipo V4 1929 ? N/A N/A
Harry Miller Cord 1931 & 1932 Indianapolis 500 ? N/A N/A
Auto Union 1933-38 266CID (4.3L) 45° N/A N/A
Alfa Romeo Tipo 316 1938-39 Gran Prix Supercharged 60° N/A N/A
BRM (British Racing Motors) 1947-55 Formula One Supercharged 90.8CID (1.5L) 135° N/A N/A
  Years Produced Architecture Production Numbers Cost
Alfa Romeo Tipo 162 1937 135° N/A N/A
BMW 7-series 1987 414CID (6.7L) N/A N/A
Cadillac 2003 830CID (13.6L) 90° N/A N/A
Rolls Royce 100EX 2004 549CID (9.0L) N/A N/A
Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe 2011 Johnny English Movie 549CID (9.0L) N/A N/A

Or dual V8's?

Two other cars come to mind when talking about V16 engines, the Cizeta Moroder V16T from Italy and the Devel Sixteen from Dubai.

The Cizeta Moroder V16T was manufactured from 1991-95 of which only 20 cars were produced. The body was designed by Marcello Gandini which looked an awful lot like the 1992 Lamborghini Diablo that followed it, also designed by Gandini. The Moroder was advertised as a V16 but actually used two Lamborghini Urraco V8's. The two V8's were on either side of the transaxle and everything was cast into one, very large block. So, while it was advertised as a V16, it was actually two V8's.

The Devel Sixteen is a Dubai based supercar that has made itself known over the last year. The prototype sounded like a V8 however. All the speculation stopped in December 2015 when a dyno video of the 5,000hp V16 was released. The dyno video shows a US based engine builder dynoing the engine, but little else is known.

The Godsil V16 Engine